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Summit Pain Alliance

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Cutting-Edge Research

At the forefront of new development in pain management 


As the leader in pain management in the Northern California region, Summit Pain Alliance is pleased to bring to our patients the development of our Clinical Research Center. Partnering with industry leaders to provide the newest cutting edge technologies and advancements in pain relief, both acute and chronic, our new research center allow us to impact pain globally, while offering new pain management therapies to our patients closer to home. Our pain doctors will be using cutting edge technologies along with new treatments and practices to better serve our patients. We can provide answers and effective methods that you rarely see in pain medicine.


Here at Summit Pain Alliance, we are constantly working to make our solutions more effective for our patients. We believe that cutting edge treatment will help our patients the quickest, and the most efficiently. Our pain doctors and partners have come to the conclusion that this goal cannot be attained without the use of our Clinical Research Center. Our patients can expect new, state of the art pain management treatments to better handle chronic or acute pain. Our trials will be held in many different ways, and participants are welcome.